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Jan. 16th, 2008


My shoulders ache, my back aches, my legs ache...but it's alright. I'm back to practicing again; I've just got to work the soreness away, become flexible again. It's been a long time since I got back into my Choi Lei Fut and Wing Chun and it feels good. I've been concentrating too much on the mental side, when it's both parts (mental and physical) that should be used and worked on. Not much time left...what a piss-poor entry.

Jun. 21st, 2007


Explosions take place in the sky
I'm nothing without you. I'm lost
I keep wandering these empty streets
Looking for something I pretended to lose
Orphaned spirits, beached on the sand
Sounds and color ever rotating
Thinking we had died so long ago
Knowing that we've only just begun
The poison that they feed us
Doesn't spare us quickly. It is slow.
Force-fed lies to keep us content,
Misled to keep us in the herd
It's because we're complacent as
Ignorant cows chewing cud with
Dum-Dum eyes. Eating their
Opium lies, sweet blissful idiocy


We all dropped, one by one, all of us
From the sky we fell
Weightless, shapeless, childlike
Grasping and reaching for stars
Transcendent  matter, all ,worrying;
Hoping, thoughtless
Except for thoughts of each other
Ideas of friendship; ideas of connection
Because we are all our own ideas.
Swimming in a cosmic sea of
Each other's thoughts
Wading through each other's brains
We fall to thunderous applause
They were waiting to see us
But so we have drifted
Into nothing


There was nowhere to run
Nowhere was safe
Not even our minds, endless
Pieces of Universal structure
That they are. The thoughts
Reaching into  a vast space
Playing with the stars
Dancing with Galaxies
Watching supernovas in stupefied awe
There we witness the end of
Greatness. There we witness
The beginning of a new era
A dawn of truly sentient beings
That all understand and feel
Compassion. That all know
When the new wipes out the
Old, the change shall beckon
Forth a new epoch.


    He was a scraggly old man. He walked with a pronounced limp and harassed children. He was also my hero. There were days when you could see him sitting on a sidewalk with his back leaned on some storefront. All he'd be wearing were his only pear of jeans  and the jacket and boots he'd ogtten during his time in the service. There would always be a half-bottle of whiskey somewhere, as if by magic. It was the same way with cigarettes. I mean, he didn't have a job and I didn't have a clue as to where he lived. I just figured the government payed for his addiction.


All along the broken city streets
Sit the men of old days
Laughing, smoking, wheezing
Dull yellow skin tanned a rich golden-brown
Tanned from a lifetime of relentless work
Stained, ancient teeth, protruding
When they shout
Thin, wizened fingers gesturing madly
Old men hobbled by a forgotten
Chatting the same as he wanders
Aimless, witless, goalless
He was a man, once


 At the moment, I'm such a fucking mix of emotions.
I'm totally head over heels for this... this blonde-haired, blue-eyed goddess.
She says she returns the sentiment.
The problem?
She's involved with someone else.
She told me she couldn't break it off, at least not now.
I told her I was fine with it.
After all, who am I to tell her who to date?
Who am I to break up her and her boyfriend?
Nobody, that's who.
A devil in disguise.
This summer's been so fucking hectic.
Half the nights I am alive I spend stoned out of my fucking mind.
I can't handle the pressure.
I wanna get away.
Oh, my darling sweet, you'll take me away, won't you?
On a thick grey cloud, we'll just run.
Far, far away.

January 2008


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